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Image by Edz Norton


Image by Evangeline Sarney

about me


I started my hair career right out of high school. Realizing my talent, I  began to cultivate what would become my passion. My hair techniques indulge through my freelance work seen in The Billboards, People Magazine, B.E.T Awards, Vogue, New York Fashion Week, The Oscar, LA Fashion, Shöne Magazine, and Gelish Nails Campaign.


5 years in my career I wanted to extend my talent towards makeup where I went and got certified for beauty makeup and character makeup in Los Angeles. Now with my makeup certification, my hair lic and my drive, I was able to take my passion to another level. My wide vision of beauty has landed me gigs doing makeup and hair for the Golden Globes, Razer Campaigns, Cricket Wireless commercial, the Sag Award, Alzheimer’s LA, Aleph Cuts, PackIT, award winning short films and feature films.

  • Tonya Le
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